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Published on November 1st, 2012 | by dominicanrepublicsurf


Dominican Surfers Compete in Bolivarian Beach Games, Punta Rocas, Peru 2012

The National Selection of surfers from the Dominican Republic have completed their training and are preparing to depart for the 1st Bolivarian Beach Games, November 3 to 6, 2012, to be held in Punta Rocas, Lima Peru.

As one of the original and quintessential beach sports, surfing will have a substantial place in the program of the inaugural Bolivarian Beach Games, an innovative multi-sport event organized by the Bolivarian Sports Organization (ODEBO). Shortboarding, StandUp Paddling, Longboarding and Bodyboarding will all be included in the maiden edition of this multi-sports Olympic organization event.

The Bolivarian Sports Organization (ODEBO) was created in honor of Simón Bolivar and includes: Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, Peru and Venezuela. For the 2012 Bolivarian Beach Games, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala and Paraguay were also invited.

As ODEBO is recognized and affiliated to the Pan American Sports Organization (PASO), all the surfers will be travelling as part of their National Teams, supported by their National Olympic Committees, much in the same way athletes are chosen for and participate in the Olympic Games.

Scheduled to take place on the beaches of Lima, the Bolivarian Beach Games will see athletes from over a dozen beach sports competing for the medals and the honor of representing their sports federations and nations. The surfing competitions will be held on the beautiful, world-class waves of Punta Rocas.

“Surfing’s inclusion in another important multi-sport event recognized by the Olympic Movement is a critical validation for our sport and our long-term ambitions”, said ISA President Fernando Aguerre. “With such an exciting variety of our ISA disciplines on display such as SUP Surfing and Racing, as well as the more traditional shortboarders, longboarders and bodyboarders, we can look forward to truly amazing, even historic event in a region where our sport is growing fast.” A total of 11 athletes plus coaches will make a full team.

There is great enthusiasm and pride for the Dominicans surfers who were selected to participate in these games, and are willing to give their best to achieve excellence in the sport; good luck to them as they represent the nation of the Dominican Republic on foreign shores.

Dominican Republic Surfing Team, pictured from left to right,  top row: Jesmarín Puente, Natalia Olmedo, Eduardo Lara, Katie Bowcutt, Pascual Silverio, Angel Compres. Bottom row, Alex de la Cruz Encarnacion, Eduar Santana.

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