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Published on April 25th, 2012 | by dominicanrepublicsurf


ISLA Lifeguards Teach Lifesaving Workshop to Surfers in Cabarete, Dominican Republic

The International Surf Lifesaving Association (ISLA) successfully completed a training course in water safety and rescue among members of the Dominican Surfing Federation (FEDOSURF) during Holy Week (Semana Santa) in Cabarete, April 2012.

ISLA is a California based non-profit dedicated to promoting volunteer water safety and rescue in Latin American countries.  ISLA performed 62 rescues, 375 preventative actions and 3 medical aids during the Easter Holiday weekend in the Dominican Republic.

The training activity with members of the Dominican Surfing Federation took place on April 3, and began with CPR training, and a presentation at Aloha Café of data relating to the main issues of hazards in the water, including search and rescue techniques to apply in cases of accidents, emphasizing prevention and education prior to situations that could cause injury, drowning, disappearances and other dangers.

The group then proceeded to the beach where they received training for different hazardous conditions such as rip currents, rough seas, bodily injuries sustained from swimming or water sports.  FEDOSURF takes great pride in the athlete surfers who participated in this important activity, which strengthens their knowledge of the ocean and enables them to save lives and assist people in distress. Among those present were: Leon Gough, Juan Carlos Torres, Riki Gough, Natalia Olmedo, Maria Jose Nadal, Isaac Cross, John Holder, Jafey Soriano, Alexander Lobaton, Alex de la Cruz Encarnacion and Jesmarín Puente, North Coast Technical Director of FEDOSURF.

FEDOSURF expresses deep gratitude to ISLA directors William Koon, Taylor MacGowan and Dean Fernandez for their important lifesaving training and donation of  lifesaving equipment.  Additional special thanks to John Holder of the United States Peace Corps, and Juan Carlos Torres of Aloha Cafe for their collaboration, service and effort.

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